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Virtual Team Building

Collaborative online interactive meeting space

Reality 3D is offering virtual meeting and presentation spaces to run team building scenarios, share ideas and run virtual conferences. Click the button below to enquire about planning a virtual event.

In these uncertain times let's keep  focussd and motivated. We are currently offering a collaborative platform for businesses to run team activities online. The format would be a hosted virtual venue for up to 40 members. The attendees would be invited to create a presentation using video, or a PDF document or by using the virtual whiteboard (more functions coming soon). These presentations will be uploaded to the virtual presentation space. Each presenter/team member, can present to colleagues, share ideas and chat just like being at a real event. They can even have a coffee break (of course they will have to make it themselves).

The beta development is available now, so if you would like to take part, or get more information, please register your interest and share your event  ideas using the button above.

Communicate & Collaborate 
in virtual space 

Immersive virtual meetings on PC, MAC and VR. Easy to use for up to 40 attendees anywhere in the world. The feel of a real conference, without leaving home.


Bournemouth: 01202 802975                    
London: 020 8150 0456


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