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Mission Spacewalk

Experience an EVA on the ISS

Eileen Collins is an experienced American NASA astronaut and the first woman to command the space shuttle.

She now trains new recruits, and being one of the relatively few astronauts to have commanded an EVA (extra vehicle activity), she is ideally qualified to deliver the precise briefing to the new cadets. 


Your mission is to exit the spacecraft and experience your first space walk.

You don’t have long, so using your controllers manoeuvre yourself around and explore. View Earth like never before.

“Eileen” will give the recruits a full but short briefing via their headset comms. In this time they will familiarise themselves with the controls while being in the VR airlock dock.

The mission controller will start the mission from mission control. After the allotted time, the controller will terminate the mission and the cadets will return back to the airlock dock. Here they will be de briefed and remove their equipment.

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