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Robot Repair

Do you have what it takes to repair the Atlas AT-D7796 advanced mechanoid?

The Robot repair game, is a spoof VR training experience. 
The player is transported to a laboratory with instructions to repair a robot that has malfunctioned. Audio instruction is given, but is very complicated, even for the most experienced engineer. As you fall behind completing the allotted tasks things start to go wrong….


A message from our lab technician. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for volunteering for the human diversity outreach programme, maintaining the Atlas AT-D7796 advanced mechanoid. They have been a little temperamental.

You will undertake the official Aperture science VR training programme, where you will learn all there is to know, about the Atlas AT. This session will last approximately 4 minutes.

Let’s hope you are better than the last lot. Things didn’t end well.

In your hands you have the dual aperture science prosthetic multitools. Audible instructions will direct you in the correct use of this tool. For added efficiency in your task, you will be able to use the large button on the top to teleport around the lab. Just press it, aim the beam to where you want to go and release.

All that remains to be said is, good luck……and try not to break anything. Lab tech 001, run the programme".

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