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VR Entertainment

Virtual Reality is a relatively new form of corporate entertainment. there are thousands of games and experiences available and we will select the very best for you to try. We have featured some of our favourites below. 

Project Cars

A race simulator that puts the driver in the car. A totally unique perspective as the player wears a VR headset. The player finds themselves inside the car, with a 360 degree view of the game. Our SimTech race seats and force feedback controls, complete the experience. 

Audio Shield

Similar to Guitar Hero, players have to hit the flying Orbs, in time to the music. Great fun, thumping bass, visually stunning.

Zombie Buster

An exhilarating multi level game to defeat maraurding zombies. Get your high score and compete against your colleagues. This game is one of many target orientated experiences. get in touch for a full list.

Christmas Games

Seasonal games are available, so why not add our VR experiences to your party's entertainment list. Have a virtual snowball fight, Santa sleigh ride or deliver presents.


A downhill ski run, through beautifill snowy mountains. Avoid the obstacles on the way. Great fun and hilarious to watch the sometimes unorthodox skiing techniques. Try and beat the high score.

What's included

Typical equipment list and plan. Variations to suit your space.


VR Equipment

Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR system
VR ready High Specification Gaming PC
Software and Games installed


Additional Equipment

Large screen TV on tall stand
Safety barriers, Race seat, Tensa barriers, Pop up backdrop, Leaderboard, LED lighting, Furniture, Audio system.


Technical Host

Your host on your event, fully experienced in the equipment and games. Encourages players, explains the rules and ensures safe play

Prices From £ 550.00 plus vat


Custom Branded VR Home Environments

Customers, can now have a fully customised and branded VR home environment. This full 3D 360 degree environment, is what the player sees in their headset before their game or experience starts. This customisation offers sponsorship oportunties at your event and can be designed to your specification or theme. Ask about this option at time of booking.


Bournemouth: 01202 802975                    
London: 020 8150 0456


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