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VR For Exhibitions

Hundreds of games, competitions and experiences. Grab the attention of passers by. Break the ice and get customers onto your exhibition stand.
Here are just a few of our favourites.

Plank Experience

This is a "face your fears" game that challenges our perseption of height. The game takes the player to the top of a skyscaper. The player has to retrieve items from the end of a virtual plank. However....we use a real plank, mapped to the game, on the floor. Totally safe but it does mess with your mind .


A downhill ski run, through beautifill snowy mountains. Avoid the obstacles on the way. Great fun and hilarious to watch, the sometimes unorthodox skiing techniques. Try and beat the high score.


Play as a goal keeper or as a striker. The player has to save or score as many goals as possible. An extra tracker is fitted to the players foot, allowing them to take penalties. A great game for fans of the beautiful game. 

The Blu

This experience is an excellent introduction into VR. It is non interactive, so gameplay is kept to a finite time. Amazing graphics with a whale encounter, wonderful. 

Roller Coasters

Feel how the eye can trick the mind into thinking you really are on a roller coaster. This seated experience is perfect if space is a premium. Dozens of rides to choose from. Customisation available.

What's included

Typical equipment list and plan. Variations to suit your space.


VR Equipment

Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR system
VR ready High Specification Gaming PC
Software and Games installed


Additional Equipment

Large screen TV on tall stand
Safety barriers, Race Seat, Tensa barriers, Pop up signage, Leaderboard


Technical Host

Your host on your stand, fully experienced in the equipment and games. Encourages players, explains the rules and ensures safe play

Prices From £ 495.00 plus vat


Custom Branded VR Home Environments

Customers, can now have a fully customised and branded VR home environment. This full 3D 360 degree environment, is what the player sees in their headset before their game or experience starts. This customisation offers sponsorship oportunties at your event and can be designed to your specification or theme. Ask about this option at time of booking.


Bournemouth: 01202 802975                    
London: 020 8150 0456


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