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Virtual Team Building

In the current climate and having to distance ourselves from each other, Reality 3D is busy developing fun collaborative team excercises that can be run on a home computer. Interact in a first person 3D environment and present to colleagues online. If you are looking for a radically new way to engage and motivate your team, while working from home, this might be the answer. Please message us with scenario ideas or to register your interest.

Team Building

Virtual Reality is a new and exciting way to get a group communicatiing and collaborating. A range of single and multiplayer games and experiences are available, with new ones being developed all the time. Talk a player through challenges, or beat the clock in multiplayer scenarios. Quick thinking, trust and precise communication is key.

Disarm the Device

You have to disarm the device before it goes off. The problem is, that your friends have the manual to defuse it. The problem they have is that they cant see the device. Only clear instructions can save you. 

Everest Experience

Cross ravines, climb ice walls and ascend the summit of the world's highest mountain. Learn how the various equipment, can help you achieve your goal. An inspiring experience with stunning visuals.

Escape Rooms

A multiplayer escape room puzzle game for virtual reality or desktop PC. It includes 3 different escape rooms to choose from and can be played competitively, co-op or solo.

Rover Mechanic

As an Engineer - crew member of one of the first Mars colonies - you are responsible for repairing and maintaining Mars Rovers. In this advanced simulator you will learn the internal details of various Mars Rovers and their components. This simulator is a great introduction into VR learning techniques.

What's included

Typical equipment list and plan. Variations to suit your goals.


VR Equipment

Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR system
VR ready High Spec Gaming PC
Software and Games installed


Additional Equipment

Large screen TV on tall stand
Tensa barriers, Leaderboard, Furniture.


Technical Host

Your host on your stand, fully experienced in the equipment and games. Explains the task and the goals that need to be achieved and ensures safe play.

Prices From £ 695.00 plus vat


Custom Branded VR Home Environments

Customers, can now have a fully customised and branded VR home environment. This full 3D 360 degree environment, is what the player sees in their headset before their game or experience starts. This customisation offers sponsorship oportunties at your event and can be designed to your specification or theme. Ask about this option at time of booking.


Bournemouth: 01202 802975                    
London: 020 8150 0456


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