New to 2021, a library of white label VR games.


All the fun of the fair in virtual reality. A 4 person multiplayer game with steering wheel and peddles. Drive round a virtual dodgems track avoiding being hit by your colleagues. Less hits more points to you. Brand up your VR fun fair along with custom Tannoy callouts.


Using your metal detector, scan the area for missing ancient artefacts. Follow the clues to the ultimate prize. Unfortunately, there are mechanisms in place to protect the treasure. Collect all the artefacts without getting trapped. Your brand appears in the game as ancient wall art.


The installation of the new bridge linking two skyscraper towers has been delayed. The only way to get between to top floor offices of your new HQ, is to traverse a scaffold plank laid across the roofs. A tad inconvenient, if you're scared of heights. Billboard branding across the city.


A full VR coaster experience made for you. Designed to fit your event theme, with in game branding and audio. Take a thrilling ride on a completely bespoke coaster experience made just for you.

Requesting a custom VR game

In some cases it would be desirable to have a custom VR experience for your guests, to reinforce your brand at an event. VR development can be expensive, so we are putting together a growing library of generic games that can be easily re branded. As well as this service, we welcome any enquiries for a bespoke game or experience. This can be a 360 video, VR tour or game. Please get in touch to discuss any requirements you might have. 

Virtual Meeting

The virtual event platform where you are represented by your avatar.

Be Anywhere

Probably the closest thing to teleportation. A huge choice of venues that can be branded and customised for you. Host a meeting with anyone anywhere as easy as making a video call.

Move, chat, interact

Just as if you were there is real life, control your avatar in the 3D space. Walk up to colleagues and have a conversation or stroll together and take in the scenery.

Meet up to 50 people

Capacity for up to 50 attendees at your event without leaving home. Everyone is represented by their avatar. Join using VR, laptop or even your phone.

Present and share ideas

Show any kind of media. PowerPoint, images and video, as well as 3D animated models. Present your ideas as easily as being at a conference.

Arrange any virtual event

Whether it is a virtual conference or festival, having all of your colleagues there makes the event.
The video (courtesy of Immersive VR Education) shows a custom festival concert with The Chemical Brothers, using the Engage platform.
For further information and help organising your virtual party, please get in touch.

360 filming and Virtual Tours

Capturing 360 images to create interactive
virtual tours and walkthroughs

Matterport Stereoscopic Photogrammetry
Reality 3D can scan any interior to create a virtual model. This model can have interactive waypoints added for navigation and interaction. Ideal addition to any website, for gallery and museum tours, real estate, and virtual exhibitions.

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